About Kiara

Hi, I’m Chiara Fraticelli!

I am Italian, I studied zoology and conservation and I love to explore the world. I have a degree in Zoology and a Masters degree in Conservation and Biodiversity, and now I’m working for African Parks in Zakouma National Park, Chad.

I grew up moving between Rome and Sarajevo, each time using a different road and exploring the cities in between, which started my love for travelling. I was lucky enough to visit Jordan and Syria before the war started, and feel extremely sad for the destruction of the beautiful cities I visited and the suffering of the people that still live there. I started travelling without my family in 2012 when I spent 3 weeks backpacking around Spain with my two best friends. We visited 8 cities, staring from Madrid and ending in Barcelona. I visited a few countries in Africa, including Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, and really hope to see more in this amazing continent, where nature’s presence is still stronger than men’s.

I moved to London to study zoology and I loved it, both living on my own and studying in uni was an amazing experience.  My degree will hopefully allow me to put together the two things I love the most: animals and travelling; and make a living out of it!



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